Industrial Application Guide by Jardar Systems, Inc.

Multi-Venturi Wet Scrubber by Jardar Systems, Inc. Baghouse for Explosive Dusts by Jardar Systems, Inc.

List of Applications and Industries using Jardar Systems, Inc. Air Pollution Control Equipment

By Process

  • Metallurgical Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Furnaces
  • Cement Kilns, Clinker Coolers, and Coal Mills
  • Foundry Cupolaes, Sand Operations, and Mold Lines
  • Oxidizers and Incinerators
  • Adiabatic Cooling
  • Bark Boilers
  • NOx Control in Chemical Processing or Etching
  • Pharmaceutical Tabletting and Coating
  • Water Droplet Removal and Demisting of Gas Streams
  • Explosive Gases or Dusts

By Industry

  • Steel
  • Foundry
  • Non-Ferrous Metal
  • Mining and Mineral
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Producs

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